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Step 1

STEP 1: 

To begin with you need to set a target CPM and provide us with your current ad code. This will tell us what prices we need to beat in our real time ad auction and also who to pass back to if we cannot beat the price.

Step 2

STEP 2: 

We analyse the visitors to your website and feed data into our real time ad auction platform to allow our advertisers to see who they are bidding on. In milliseconds, our advertisers are made aware of your website and the type of visitors you have to your site.

Step 3

STEP 3: 

We have thousands of premium advertisers that would otherwise not have access to your website. By connecting you and our advertisers to the SwitchAds platform, they are able to see your website and bid for the right to display an advert to the visitors they are interested in.

Step 4

STEP 4: 

If one of our advertisers offers a bid that is above your target CPM, then the SwitchAds tech ensures that it is displayed and you benefit from increased revenue for the ad impression. If no higher bid is offered, then your existing ad is displayed as normal. It’s risk free and win-win.


Launched in 2013, SwitchAds is a division of Switch Concepts, the UK’s fastest growing technology company. SwitchAds monetises over 9 billion impressions for publishers every month and has experienced double digit growth, month-on-month since launch.

SwitchAds is a one stop platform for publishers, connecting you with premium advertisers, media agency spend and all of the major ad networks in one simple to use ad trading platform. Focussing on the needs of small and medium sized digital publishers, the SwitchAds web platform was designed from the ground up to supercharge publisher revenue for sites with up to 10 million ad impressions a month.

Larger publishers can benefit from the same technology by working with the Switch Concepts publisher team. Switch Concepts was ranked number one in the Deloitte Fast Track 100 of 2014.


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