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Want to make money from display advertising on your website or blog? Learn how you can maximise your revenue from it.

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Want to make money from your blog or website? Learn what monetising options you can choose from, and how to maximise your income from them.

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One of the most common questions we’re asked by bloggers and website publishers is whether SwitchAds is an alternative to Google’s AdSense platform. The quick and easy answer is that we’re not an alternative to Google Adsense (or other advertising solution), but a complementary service that works in conjunction with your current advertising solution. We don’t replace […]

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Demand Manager is unique auction technology from SwitchAds that brings all your demand sources together on one platform to compete for each impression. At the same time, it drives up your revenue and provides easy to use tools that bring visibility and automates the management and optimization of your daisy chain. SwitchAds opens its auction with […]

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